About Us

Welcome to A Vote & A Vow 

We believe that it is time for same sex couples to feel safe, welcome and EQUAL while planning their LGBT wedding. It is our goal to give you inspiration, resources, guidance and solutions as you plan the biggest event of your life. We find, interview, pre-qualify and list vendors in each state who will not only work with you on your wedding, but who whole-heartedly believe in what you are doing and will provide you with the same or better service for your wedding than they would conventional couples. This is your wedding, your day, your moment – every person involved should be overjoyed to work with you. So take a deep breath, take a look around our web site and start planning – we hear wedding bells in your future.

Along with bringing you the vendors that will help make your wedding day a reality, we will also provide you with up-to-date information on the fight for marriage equality in America at the state and federal level. At A Vote & A Vow the legalizing of marriage for all couples can’t come soon enough.

Who are the women behind the web site?

We are three gals from Denver, Colorado on a mission to broaden minds, eradicate prejudice, support you in your journey and make marrying the one you love a fabulous process filled with beauty, joy and ease (well, as much ease as you can find while planning a wedding!). A huge undertaking? Yes. A lofty goal? Yes. Time, energy and brilliance well spent? Definitely! So we will think global and plan local: we will start with Colorado and expand our state-by-state resources from there.

With three wonderfully different personalities, you will find that each of us carries a different voice. However, we are of one vision and one mission, and all of the inspiration and information contained in these pages comes from our hearts:

The Wild Child: Jess is an untamed spirit, guided only by her love of light, joy and life in general. You will see this in the photographs she takes which perfectly capture the moments of other people’s lives that mean the most. She accepts that the world isn’t perfect, but sees in it unlimited potential.

The Creative Genius: Kristy is a passionate explorer of life, finding excitement in the unique and unconventional. She is an idealist with a wicked sense of humor that lights up a conversation. She has committed every moment of her life to her various passions, allowing herself only to be limited by the hours in the day and the fact that humans have to sleep at some point.

The Dedicated Adventurer: With family as her first priority, Sarah works hard, plays hard and gives love unconditionally to everyone in her life. She finds adventure in life’s twists and turns, enjoying that each day will bring something new and unexpected. Her passion lies in learning, finding, exploring and then…always…returning home.


Our Contributors

While all of us at A Vote & A Vow are committed to equality with a smattering of good taste and lovely details we realize that we can’t be experts in everything. As such we will be relying on some excellent regular contributors for their expertise!

Michael Emmitt – Star of Mondays with Michael, Resident Style Expert
Michael fancies himself a bit of a style sleuth, unearthing the surprising loveliness of the everyday. A firm believer that something worth doing, is worth doing with your all, he’s a dreamer first and foremost. His passions all revolve around discovering the moments where we feel the most beautiful and whole.