Wedding Favor DIY: Smore Love!

Everyone knows the best wedding favor is one you can eat. But who wants to eat those terrible Jordan almonds that challenge even the very best dental work?  We found a simple and inexpensive favor idea that can be done at home with a few friends and a bottle of wine.  Check it out. Costs are broken out below the photo.

Gusseted Cellophane Bags: $35 for 100 / 6 boxes Honeymaid Graham Crackers: $18.00 / 6 bags Jet-Puffed Marshmallows: $10 / 100 Hang  Tags: $6.99 / Silver Pen: $3.00  or Custom Stamp & Ink: $30 / Hersey’s Chocolate Bars: Pack of 36 $23

Total: $96, or $.96 each per 100.

Custom Stamp: $126, or $1.26 each per 100.

DIY Disclaimer

DIY Projects are not always cheaper, and may seem fun when you decide to do them, but often turn into quite a chore.  Make sure you are truly into churning out 100 or so of whatever craft it is you take on, or that you have talented, patient help.

Never, NEVER attempt a DIY project with out friends and beverage of choice.



14 thoughts on “Wedding Favor DIY: Smore Love!

  1. These are fantastic! Thank you for the breakdown. By any chance do you know what size bags you used? Please let me know if you can.

    Thank you!

  2. I love this idea. I was looking all over for a wedding favor ideal and this one popped out to me so im so excited. :-) Thanks to who ever came up with this!

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  5. I clicked the link you included but had a question….in your pic, it looks like the tags are gold but on the link they look neutral brown, did you paint your tags?

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