We are on Pinterest!

It is with mixed feelings that we join Pinterest.  You can follow us here: www.pinterest.com/avoteandavow

First reaction, “Awesome! There are hardly and gay or lesbian wedding images on here, we will dominate, and equalize! Yes!”

And now for my second reaction, “Gawd, why the heck is everything wedding so damn hetero-normative, and how do we ever have awesome Pinterest boards that do not discriminate in any way?”

Check out our boards, let us know what you love, what boards you would like to see, etc. and we will do our best to make it interesting for you. We already have pinned a ton of same-sex wedding photos, and have boards for men’s wear, suits for women, dresses, etc.  So if there is something you are dying for us to do, let us know. We want to be awesome, don’t want to be lame.

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