So Many Alternatives Nationwide to Masterpiece Cake Shop

You know what, screw Masterpiece Cake Shop! I’ve been trying to decide how exactly to deal with the ugliness that is what they are doing, and couldn’t decide how to deal with it. So we’ll go positive, cuz that’s who we are, even when completely pissed off.

We have amazing bakers in Denver who are not only better artists, but amazing human beings.  So suffice to say, I will not be visiting the evil shop, but here is where we get cake when we need it, and we need it often:

Church of Cupcakes:
Porche Lovely is one of the most amazing people I know.  She loves cats, dogs, and cupcakes, though I’m not sure in what order.  When we started A Vote And A Vow, she was one of our earliest supporters.  Need Cupcakes? And who doesn’t? Head on over to Church of Cupcakes.

Intricate Icings:

Rachel Teufel is the most amazing cake artist I’ve ever met, and when I found out that she also is a supporter of Equal Marriage Rights I swooned.  She sponsored our Launch Party with a gorgeous cake, that is also delicious. A very rare duo, pretty and delicious.  Her fondant is even delicious.  So you need a wedding cake, and want to spend your $$ in a shop that supports your union? Get your buttocks into Intricate Icings!

We have an awesome nationwide list of amazing Cake Shops ready to not only serve you, but who actively support Equal Marriage Rights. Follow this link to see all our Certified Same-Sex Wedding Friendly wedding vendors nationwide:



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