Ben + Jamie – Engagement Photo Inspiration from Boston

There are a few reasons I’m stoked to share this post.

1) The photographer, Sam Liang, reached out to us as a member of the LGBT community and praised the site, but also noted we could use more male couples in our engagement inspiration. I agree!
2) He found us through one of our favorite people, Bernadette Smith over at 14 Stories.
3) The couple featured in this shoot are attending my alma mater, Emerson College, which was recently noted as one of “Unigo’s Top 10 Colleges where there’s Pride & No Prejudice”.

Peachy right? I like it when the world feels small, inclusive and full of loveā€“the way it’s supposed to be. Speaking of small world, this couple met Sam through a mutual friend at Panorama magazine who loaned them this great beach house as a location! Now go ahead and enjoy Ben & Jamie’s celebration of their love in these fantastic photos.

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